Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Shelving and Floor Mats Completed

Its been a productive couple of days. I finished the shelf installation with the completion of the lower shelf along the left side of the room. The final track arrangement will occupy the upper shelf and pierce the short wall next to the workbench. I also wrapped all the Christmas gifts and moved them under the tree in the living room. I also installed the pads on the floor. A much harder job than I planned because almost everything in the room had to be relocated at least once to make room for the pads. They are an interlocking system that fit together very nicely as can be sen in some of the photos. The layout will eventually have a stick built center peninsula that twill occupy the vacant strip in the floor pads that stretches out from the window wall. I have some more foam to cut for the subroadbed then I will finally be able to glue it down. The next two projects after that are the installation of the cork on top of the foam and the addition of the track lights.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Window end shelf topped with 1" of Styrofoam

The wider 24" end shelf to support the staging Tracks and the wye is installed and topped with 1" so Styrofoam sheeting. The foam is only test fit now and will be glued onto the wire shelf and topped with 1/8" of cork sheet when completed.
 Pegboard progress.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Workbench and the condo's tropical Christmas decorations

I wanted a built in look to the workbench area so I added a pegboard and a shelf on both sides of the computer desk I will be using as a workbench. Above will be the Nichols Phosphate mine.
The condo has some interesting Christmas decorations as you can see. My building is the on shown behind the palms. It's the hidden end unit on the right.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Let the shelves begin

This is the start of what would normally be the benchwork phase. I'm trying something new this time using Closet Maid wire shelving. Their system is very complete and actually quite simple to use. You do NOT find the studs, you simply drill 1/4" holes insert the clips into them and then push in what looks like a small nail to expand the clip inside the wall ala a molly bolt. You can see the small shiny bit in the top photo. No finding studs, or hammering fittings. The wire shelf simply snaps into the clips. There are diagonal bars that fit under the shelves to support and level them. Very easy and very cool. The bottom photo is what used to be the closet and is now the Phosphate mine above and the workbench below. The blue tape is left in place until the holes are drilled to insure a level shelf then removed. The railroad shelf will go where the blue tape is and a shelf will be installed on either side of the workbench level with the top. Also a short lower one will probably be installed under one side. This area is next on my list.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Backdrop painting

Backdrops are complete with tree line and a high overcast look. Blue gray paint is a little too light but will have to due. Mine area in closet doesn't have trees yet as I don't think there will be a need. I haven't gone to the mines yet so I'm not sure how to represent it. Tape will be removed tomorrow along with the drop cloths. The drop cloth is a new item for me. It comes in a 4" dispenser with blue painters tape on one side as can be seen under the tree layer in the above photo. You extend the material as you would tape and then unfurl the 24" plastic drop cloth. Very cool.

Track Plan and some history??

This is the trackplan. The main yard is in Arcadia and the route extends from Punta Gorda through Arcadia to Lakeland. The railroad was originally used to transport phosphate ore from the Bone Valley to Punta Gorda where it was hand loaded into transport vessels for shipment to the world. The Bone Valley extends north and east from Punta Gorda for many miles and produces 90% of the world's phosphate. The model will simulate the washing and drying of the ore into pure phosphate, the manufacture of fertilizer from the pure mineral and the export of  both the purified mineral and the manufactured products via interchange with CSX, railroad car ferry from Punta Gorda and barge loading at the wharf in Punta Gorda. Most of this still takes place today however not in Punta Gorda.  My condo IS in Punta Gorda so.... that's where the revisionist history takes over.

Laser leveling for the benchwork and backdrop

The laser is self leveling so it projects absolutely vertical and horizontal lines on the walls. I used the laser to guide my marks for the tape. The tape is the outline for the backdrop and the lower line of tape will mark the guide for the installation of the wire shelving